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Col. Athanasius Fenwick of St. Mary's County (1780-1824) had a son named James Athanasius Fenwick (1818-1882), who, after being orphaned by both parents in 1824, moved to Philadelphia to live with members of his mother's family? He bought property in Burlington Co., NJ in 1844 and named it Fenwick Manor.
--James Fenwick cultivated his land for cranberries and by 1912, Fenwick Manor was the largest cranberry operation in New Jersey.
--Elizabeth White, granddaughter of James Fenwick, is credited with the cultivation of blueberries in the U.S. or anywhere else for that matter. Prior to 1916, blueberries could only be found growing wild.
--James Fenwick and his sisters had the body of their father moved from his home in St. Mary's County to St. Andrew's Episcopal Church in Mt. Holly, New Jersey. His tombstone reads: Col. Athanasius Fenwick. A soldier of the War of 1812. Born in St. Mary's County, MD, A.D. 1780. Died A.D. 1824. These remains were removed from Cherryfields, St. Mary's County, MD, their original burial place, by his surviving children, A.D. 1874.
--Fenwick Manor is still owned by descendants of Col. Athanasius Fenwick.
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